The Problem

The 'Divorce Machine' is a relentless grinder that does not care about you as a man, and your rights as a father. The entire point of becoming a father, passing on your DNA, and name can be stripped from you by the state.

Men need to take a very calculated, and careful approach to untying the knot if they don't want to get destroyed by family law, and get alienated from their kids.

The divorce process is painful, often lengthy, with no support networks, and often most of your family or friends have no idea what you are going through. Most men just sleep walk through this process, and get destroyed.

The problem with divorce is family law in the west encourages women to behave very badly during the process and rewards her richly for becoming the custodial parent.

She can make unilateral decisions without the fathers consent, and most dads see their wealth flow to his children's mother, while she alienates him from his own children.

Without a shared parenting plan, it's not uncommon for fathers to see their ex wife move 4,000 miles across the country with his kids, hyphenate or change their last names, allow problem men into her home, perform medical or hormone treatment without your consent or worse.

This course can solve all that, and will show you the secrets to sanity, freedom, speed, and a custody plan that lets you parent your children equally.

The Cheat Codes To Divorce

A huge problem men face is that society has always treated us as disposable. Women have always been the protected sex in society.

Most men are the 'nice guy' in life, and play that chivalrous role in divorce, but end up getting destroyed. Divorce is NOT the time for chivalry, it's a time to take seriously, because what you do will have serious impacts on your life for years to come.

This mindset course will unplug you from comforting lies around divorce, and cuts through the bullshit that doesn't serve you.

I'll teach you exactly what I have learned from my own divorce, the thousands of private coaching calls I've done, and the hundreds of hours I've spent with family lawyers and guests on my podcasts.

Who is Richard Cooper?

Richard Cooper is a father, entrepreneur, private equity investor, content creator, best selling author, speaker, and high performance coach.

Known for his YouTube channels, and best selling book for men, The Unplugged Alpha, Richard has over 1/2 billion video views from content that has helped many men unplug from societies comforting lies.

The only time Rich has ever contemplated a permanent solution, to a temporary problem in his life was during divorce.

To say it was a difficult time is an understatement, but he did the work on himself, made his wounds his work, coached others, and now presents the best material for men getting divorced.

"Visitation" is a Scam

The word 'visitation' is often used by women or their lawyer, to reframe your role from a father, to an ATM with the ability to visit your child when 'they' will let you. In this course I teach you why they do this, and how to avoid this trap.

Fathers are Needed

When fathers are removed from their Childs lives, and replaced entirely by mothers after divorce, these kids are more likely to be incarcerated, get poor grades, join gangs, attempt suicide, runaway from home, become depressed, use drugs, or become teenage moms. Your children need and deserve you, don't let 'them' convince you otherwise.

Most dads today get what my lawyer called the 'screw over daddy deal.' They just become every other weekend parents, with no ability to make any decisions.

What You Do Now During Divorce Sets The Tone

A lot of men fall for promises of more time later during the divorce process. Don't. If you want to be an active father, get a shared parenting plan in your divorce settlement. Anything else is designed to separate you from your children, and remove your ability to parent, raise your kids, and make decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it priced at $197?

A: Rich has done extensive research, had over 1,000 private consults, and priced at a $4,000/hr rate, he has taken the most common issues found men deal with, and distilled it into a well organized course, included a free community, and does monthly group zoom calls. He wanted more men to get access to this knowledge, so it's a bargain priced at $197

Q: What's included?

A: Lifetime access to the following: All current lectures, any new content added to Teachable

Q: Is Richard a Lawyer?

A: No, Rich isn't a lawyer, doesn't provide legal advice, and you should have a licensed legal professional where you live handing your divorce process for legal advice. This course is NOT a replacement for legal advice, it is a complement to it, and you will learn things even your lawyer won't, or can't tell you.

Q: What are Richards credentials?

A: Surviving his own brutal divorce, spending tens of thousands on lawyer fees, thousands of hours reading case law, coaching thousands of men privately, hundreds of hours of podcast interviews on the topic, hundreds of hours of videos on the topic, and the expert author of the best seller "The Unplugged Alpha" distilling many of these details.

Q: What's the refund policy?

A: If you have watched his free content, read his book, and trusted Rich this far, then if you still question this buying decision, don't make it, this course and community isn't for you. There are no refunds, the information, and community is so valuable, once you see the content, the genie cannot be put back in the bottle.

Q: Can Women Join?

A: Anyone can buy the course material, and high value women that married down to a man that makes much less, or is a stay at home dad, having divorce law used against them will get value, but you will be directed to a Women's only Facebook page.

Q: Is group coaching included?

A: No, but, an order bump will be offered at check out and the 'thank you' page to add the community, and zoom group coaching calls.

Q: Is this material useful after the divorce?

A: Hindsight is always 20/20, and yes you will get some use out of it, but if you want to determine a good outcome, and be a father, it is best to access this before the divorce is initiated, or during the process and before it is finalized.

Q: Is the content specific to a region?

A: No, that would be impossible to create, and the price point would be MUCH higher, the course material is about a mindset shift. To prepare you for how 'they' generally behave. It is general to western family law as it is generally applied and used in 1st world, feminist countries. The USA, Canada, UK, Australia etc. For specific regional issues, speak to your family lawyer.